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Company overview

Smaply is a web-based software for customer experience visualizations like customer journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps. With Smaply, dispersed teams can collaborate on both, the big picture and the small details of CX and UX. Based on personas and journey maps, co-workers gain a shared understanding of how a product or service is delivered and plan how it should be delivered. Co-creative workshops using specific methods like Personas, Stakeholder Maps, and Customer Journey Maps are often the basis for valuable insights and brilliant ideas. But what happens after the vivid pen-and-paper workshop? The result needs to be captured visually – and should stay editable flexibly so that external team members and partners can add to the process. Using Smaply can transform these tools from static paper deliverables into dynamic communication tools. These can be used across all silos of an organization – and can integrate third parties like agencies. Thus, smaply supports the change of companies into customer-centric organizations – focused on customer experience across all channels. As customer experience is not a static asset, customer journeys, personas and stakeholder maps change over time and from project to project. New stakeholders arise, personas change, and especially the journey changes due to improvements or new insights from design research. With the help of Smaply you can continuously improve your customer journey, adopt it accordingly, and create professional pdf exports at any time. Show less...

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Founded: 2012
Employees: 50
Type: Technology
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Company Status: Active
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Phone: +43 512 31212320
Sales Email: [email protected]
Street: Leopoldstr. 24
Social: Facebook | Twitter
City: Innsbruck
Zip Code: 6020
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Country: Austria
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