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Company overview

WalkMe is an Enterprise-Class Online Guidance and Engagement platform. We’ve designed a platform which helps businesses to eliminate online confusion, while at the same time raise efficiency and reduce costs. Think of it like a GPS, but instead of giving driving directions, WalkMe guides users every step of the way to successfully complete their online tasks. Through a series of interactive tip balloons overlaid on the screen, tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions. These balloons help users act, react and progress through their online experience. WalkMe eliminates guesswork, as well as the frustration of following video tutorials or digging through tedious Q&A pages. WalkMe focuses on solving the needs that are specific to customers and strives to deliver technology that helps them be more effective and efficient. For example, we work with customer service managers to help increase self-service adoption and reduce incoming service requests, thus freeing them to focus their efforts on more critical and difficult customer care concerns. We also give SaaS providers an indispensable tool to easily highlight new and advanced features on their software, without their customers complaining of the inability to understand how to operate them. We provide real value to you and to your customers, users and employees. Customers use WalkMe to increase conversion rates, reduce customer service costs, increase self-service adoption, accelerate training and improve customer experience. Show less...

Key customers
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • Intuit
  • PayPal
  • SAP
  • United States Postal Service
  • BT
  • Comcast
  • MasterCard
  • 3M
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Company details
Founded: 2011
Employees: 200
Type: Technology
Customer Count:
Company Status: Active
Contact details
Phone: 1-855-492-5563
Sales Email:
Street: 22 4th St, Floor 14
Social: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
City: San Francisco
Zip Code: 94103
Corporate Blog:
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Corporate executives

Dan Adika

CEO and Co-Founder

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