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- Relayware

Company overview

Relayware is a leading SaaS-based partner relationship management solution that improves channel performance and accelerates revenue growth for global hi-tech, manufacturing, telecommunications and finance companies. Relayware’s four Partner Packs (Partner Portal Pack, Partner Sales Pack, Partner Marketing Pack and Partner Training Pack) offer the full range of PRM functionality – mobile-ready portals, onboarding, training, sales, incentive, MDF and marketing. Each pack provides role-specific applications that address the unique needs of channel operations, channel sales, channel marketing or channel training. Each Partner Pack is preconfigured based on the years of best practices Relayware has collected working with leading channel-centric organizations like Avid, GE, Kaspersky and Lenovo. At the core of Relayware’s solution is the Partner Cloud, which includes a single, shared partner database that enables storage and manipulation of all data associated with partner ecosystems, such as contacts, companies and sub-locations. The partner database is customer-configurable and extensible, enabling automation of partnering processes. All partner master data is available to Relayware applications and third-party apps via Relayware API. Relayware provides full partner account management, including approvals, notifications, actions, tier management and activity reporting. Going a step further to keep data current, Relayware’s automation encourages partners to self-manage their data, keeping records fresh. Show less...

Key customers
  • Kapersky Lab
  • Avid
  • Adaptive Insights
  • Genband
  • Webroot
  • Gemalto/SafeNet
  • Nutanix
  • GE Oil & Gas
  • eVault
  • Tata Communications
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Company details
Founded: 1995
Revenue: < $10MM
Employees: 70
Type: Technology
Customer Count:
Company Status: Active
Contact details
Phone: 2014332396
Sales Email: [email protected]
Street: 30 Montgomery Street
Social: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
City: Jersey City
Zip Code: 07306
Corporate Blog:
State/Province: New Jersey
Country: United States
Corporate executives
Robert Mann

Robert Mann

Chairman & CEO

Veronica Brunwin

Veronica Brunwin


John Beneck

John Beneck


Jiim DeSocio

Jiim DeSocio

Chief Revenue Officer

Gawain Claridge

Gawain Claridge

VP of Customer and Cloud Services

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