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- Get Smart Content

Company overview

Get Smart Content is a content targeting platform based in Austin, Texas that enables marketers to provide website content and messaging based on a visitor’s unique profiles and web-based interactions. Smart Content provides visitors with the right message and call to action at the right time based upon where they are in the sales funnel. Smart Content can be embedded on any page within your site. The result is highly relevant content — including images, video and audio — that allows you to better engage and motivate your users. Put simply, using a combination of web statistics and your marketing insight, Smart Content serves your individual users the specific content they're seeking. Show less...

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Company details
Founded: 2009
Employees: 50
Type: Technology
Customer Count:
Company Status: Active
Contact details
Phone: 512.583.1853
Sales Email: [email protected]
Street: 3000 East Cesar Chavez Street
Social: Twitter | LinkedIn
City: Austin
Zip Code: 78702
Corporate Blog:
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Corporate executives

Jim Eustace

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael Hovey

VP of Engineering

Tory Upchurch

VP of Sales and Client Success

Dan Gilkison

VP of Operations

Elan Halfin

Director of Data Engineering

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Advertising: Ad-Tech Enabled Solution

Advertising: Data Management Platform

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