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Company overview

DiscoverOrg provides contact data and intelligence helping sales and marketing teams find, connect with, and sell to the right buyers at the right time with the right message. With DiscoverOrg, you can: (1) Find new prospect accounts in your target market and instantly identify decision-makers and other key stakeholders with org charts, (2) Boost connect rates with verified direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses, and (3) Uncover emerging opportunities from practical predictive intelligence and improve and personalize conversations with insights about projects, initiatives, and personnel changes. DiscoverOrg is relentlessly focused and (has a) dedicated team of 250+ researchers. While other data providers rely on web scraping and crowdsourcing to gather and update records, DiscoverOrg researchers conduct thousands of phone interviews every day profiling new accounts, validating contact information, updating records, and uncovering new opportunities. DiscoverOrg’s database is continuously refreshed to combat data decay and reduce the time sales teams spend in pre-call research and prospecting with bad data. Show less...

Key customers
  • ForeScout
  • ITinvolve
  • NexTech
  • Neustar
  • Avecto
  • Confio Software
  • Correlsense
  • ProKarma
  • RealLinx
  • SNI Technology
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Company details
Founded: 2006
Employees: 350
Type: Technology
Customer Count:
Company Status: Active
Contact details
Phone: 360-783-6800
Sales Email:
Street: 805 Broadway, Suite 900
Social: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
City: Vancouver
Zip Code: 98660
Corporate Blog:
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Corporate executives

Henry Schuck

Co-Founder and CEO

John Gardiner


Andrew Steckley


David Sill

SVP, Customer Success

Anthony Stark

VP, Corporate Development and General Counsel

Andrew Brewer

VP, Customer Success

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