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Company overview

Contently's mission is to power the next generation of media companies by empowering and connecting freelancers and publishers in new ways. We created Contently because we saw the world of publishing changing around us. In the midst of the disruption of traditional journalism, digital advertising and social media, the world economy was in a slump, causing throngs of talented journalists and creative storytellers to strike out on their own as freelancers – and not necessarily by choice. At the same time, nontraditional publishers are rising – brands, nonprofits, and lean new media companies – all of which need talent and efficient ways to manage, measure, and achieve business results with content. We help freelancers succeed by allowing anyone to become a publisher. No longer are we bound by so-called rules of who can be a publisher and who can't. The Internet changed that. At Contently, we're leveling the playing field for the hungry and talented creators and publishers out there. Show less...

Key customers
  • Google
  • ING
  • GE
  • American Express
  • AP
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Company details
Founded: 2010
Revenue: $10MM - $250MM
Employees: 200
Type: Technology
Customer Count:
Company Status: Active
Contact details
Phone: 347-855-6111
Sales Email: [email protected]
Street: 598 Broadway, 4th Floor
Social: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
City: New York City
Zip Code: 10012
Corporate Blog:
State/Province: New York
Country: United States
Corporate executives

Joe Coleman


Dave Goldberg


Shane Snow

Chief Creative Officer

Brett Lofgren

Chief Revenue Officer

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