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Contributor Guidelines

The SiriusDecisions Marketplace Blog drives discussions and shares insights about marketing, sales and product technologies and services. It was created to provide a forum for b-to-b leaders to engage in thoughtful discussions about how technologies and services can be used to outperform the competition. By contributing to the SiriusDecisions Marketplace blog, you join other b-to-b thought leaders in the industry and have the opportunity to build your personal brand.

Blog Content Guidelines

  • Word count. Blog posts should be between 400 and 800 words.
  • Experience. Your blog post must show hands-on experience with the topic you are covering. Best practices and advice about how you’ve navigated unplanned scenarios play well with the blog audience.
  • Subject matter. Blog posts must share practical advice about sales, marketing and product technology and services and feature original content and ideas. Blog posts should not focus on marketing, sales or product strategies or methodologies. Sample topics include onboarding a new agency, deciding marketing automation platform is right for you, and optimizing your predictive lead scoring implementation. For more information, check out our style guide.
  • Editing. After the topic is approved, all blog posts are edited by the Editorial team for style, structure, grammar and links to ensure the best-quality product for the SiriusDecisions Marketplace readers. The edited post will be shared with you for final review prior to publication.
  • Exclusivity. The blog post should be exclusive to the SiriusDecisions Marketplace Blog, but we encourage you to promote the post through your social networks.
  • Vendor neutrality. Any content submitted about a vendor must be vendor neutral.

Submission Process

  • Topic submission. Submit a summary (three bullet points) of the topic for your proposed blog post to [email protected] Make sure to thoroughly review the Blog Content Guidelines to ensure your post is on topic. SiriusDecisions will get back to you within a week with feedback on the topic or to approve it. This step is in place to ensure that the SiriusDecisions Marketplace features only the highest-quality content and that all blog posts are relevant to its readership.
  • Blog writing. When you receive notification that your topic has been approved, take time to review the SiriusDecisions Marketplace Style Guide before drafting your blog post.
  • Blog and social media post submission. Submit your blog post, headshot and brief bio to [email protected] Additionally, please provide four to six recommended tweets/LinkedIn posts that can be used to promote your blog post by the SiriusDecisions Marketplace and SiriusDecisions social media properties.
  • Blog editing. Your blog post will be reviewed by SiriusDecisions, and feedback and recommended changes will be shared with you within a week. You will be able to update your blog post before sending it back to be published. We reserve the right to decline a submission if it strays from the approved topic.

Style Guide

  • Make it actionable. Readers should walk away with something new to consider, a tactic to change, a way to do it better or something to avoid.
  • Opinionated, not condescending. Opinions are welcome and strongly encouraged, but don’t be mean, sensationalist or misleading. The golden rule applies here. Taking a stance is encouraged; be definitive.
  • Tell a story. Leading with a personal anecdote that ties into your topic can grab a reader’s attention. Storytelling is a key engagement tactic.
  • Ask questions. Bring the reader into the blog post by asking questions to engage them. What is their perspective? Have they tried this in the past? What would they try next?
  • Graphics and images. Readers love visuals, so include them whenever possible. Make sure to support your opinions with research and anecdotes.
  • Vendor neutrality. All content must be vendor-neutral and shouldn’t be an endorsement for a specific product or service provider.