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The Three Degrees of Guided Selling
  • Sales playbooks have been around for a long time, and remain relevant for many contemporary sales organizations
  • For more complex and customized selling interactions, guided selling goes beyond playbooks and optimizes sales asset management environments
  • Determining the appropriate degree of guidance for a team is a crucial sales enablement function

October 03, 2017

NI's Marketing Tech Transformation – Part II
  • National Instruments embarked on a marketing technology transformation to improve its planning process
  • Marketing performance management tech was at the heart of this transformation
  • The second blog post in this series describes the positive results the organization saw

September 29, 2017

NI's Marketing Tech Transformation – Part I
  • National Instruments embarked on a marketing technology transformation to improve its planning process
  • Marketing performance management tech was at the heart of this transformation
  • The first blog post in this series describes initial vendor selection steps

September 29, 2017

Three Contributions Marketing Makes to SFA Success
  • Marketing plays a critical role in the launch and management of a sales force automation (SFA) system
  • Marketing is responsible for managing several features in the SFA and providing input on data and measurement strategies
  • Marketing must stay closely aligned with sales operations and IT for the organizatin’s SFA deployment to be successful

September 29, 2017

Technology Support: Data Privacy Regulation GDPR
  • Companies should emphasize that a focus on gaining prospects’ opt-in permissions can fuel business growth
  • The good news is that technology is available to facilitate and enforce compliant data privacy policies
  • Three areas have caught our attention: consent management, data inventory management and preference management

August 31, 2017

Innovative Training Tech Must Focus on the Learner
  • B-to-b training technology is an innovative space one generation away from groundbreaking application
  • Most of the key functionality needed to deliver scalable, high-impact training requires stronger combinations
  • Once achieved, the scale and impact of these combinations will fundamentally transform the training space

August 28, 2017

Martech Tools to Help Emerging Orgs Grow Faster
  • The emerging company martech stack can have significant impact on annual revenue growth
  • Rapid growth cannot be achieved through technology alone
  • There needs to be a delicate balance between people, skills, process and technology

August 18, 2017

Leveraging Enablement Tools: Lessons From a Horse
  • On the surface, sales reps may seem fully trained on messaging and new skills right away
  • Sales enablement needs to look beyond the surface when leveraging coaching tools
  • Enablement tools today offer a near real-time method for training and messaging refinement

August 10, 2017

GDPR Is Coming: 5 Marketing Automation Pitfalls
  • GDPR is not just a suggestion but a salient and legal change in how EU data may be collected and maintained
  • There are five critical functions and processes to audit and potentially amend
  • Claims against companies for GDPR violations will be enacted starting on May 25, 2018

July 17, 2017

Eight Steps for Navigating Technology Procurement
  • Getting approval to purchase new technology is just the beginning of an often-complex procurement process
  • A successful procurement process includes clear business requirements, a vendor short list and a structured request for proposal (RFP) review
  • Expedite results by building internal stakeholder relationships and communicating proactively throughout the process

July 12, 2017

Who Manages Martech – IT or Marketing?
  • Marketing and IT must share the responsibility of managing martech to achieve the full benefit of technology alignment
  • IT uses technology to execute strategy and has valuable experience in large-scale implementations, vendor relationships and change management
  • Marketing operations aligns marketing tech with the marketing strategy and ensures synchronization with corporate initiatives

July 06, 2017

Seven Elements of a Successful PRM Implementation
  • There is very little written about implementing a partner relationship management (PRM) system
  • A successful PRM project starts with building a well-thought-out implementation plan
  • Partners and internal end-users are not going to adopt a tool if they don’t understand why and how to use it

June 26, 2017

Tech Interview Spotlight: Customer Advocacy
  • Customer advocacy technologies can help organizations better manage the entire advocacy process
  • Spencer Duncan from Ceridian discusses his organization's experience in a recent interview
  • When evaluating platforms, consider integration with existing internal systems

June 21, 2017

Debunking Informal Learning Myths
  • B-to-b organizations need a formal learning plan to bridge major skills gaps
  • Trends toward informal and social learning do not deliver results on their own
  • Informal learning works best when placed inside a structured, business-goal oriented learning program

June 13, 2017

Keeping It Real: VR and AR for Demand Creation
  • Emerging content formats like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) extend personalized content experience into immersive interaction
  • Demand creation marketers can deliver high-impact content and user experience through AR and VR
  • AR and VR environments should be integrated with other demand creation tactics, technology and processes

June 06, 2017

The Real Reason Reps Don’t Update Opportunities
  • Sales reps will voluntarily update opportunities if there is something in it for them
  • Opportunity coaching uses algorithms to help sales reps improve win rates
  • Opportunity to close is to opportunity management what CPQ is to the configure, price and quote process

May 25, 2017

How Many Fields Should Web Contact Forms Have?
  • Marketers often wonder how many fields should be in their Web contact forms
  • The optimal number of fields depends on numerous variables
  • Qualification is the most variable of the main potential form criteria

May 23, 2017

Aetna: Creating Real-Time Web Personalization
  • Aetna, Accountable Care Solutions needed to shift from customization to real-time personalization
  • Marketing automation was deployed to provide information specific to buyers' needs
  • Using a single platform also makes back-end content management easier

May 14, 2017

Content, AI and Human Domination
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a controversial and provocative topic that’s impacting many areas of business
  • AI-based solutions are being used to “read” and score business content and make improvement recommendations
  • A comprehensive content strategy should apply such solutions to all enterprise content to support brand consistency and quality

May 09, 2017

The Four Horsemen of the ABM Technology Apocalypse
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) technology continues to be a hot topic, but not all early adopters are enamored
  • Take the risk out of your ABM technology implementation by avoiding these four common challenges
  • Be a responsible and informed technology buyer, and ask prospective vendors the important questions

May 05, 2017

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