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Why Briefing an Analyst Firm Isn't a Waste of Time
  • Analysts play an important role in the b-to-b buying process
  • Yet, many vendors aren’t sure how to best engage with analyst firms when they are approached about research
  • With a better understanding of how to work with analyst groups, marketing and communications professionals can better drive engagement

December 17, 2015

Event Effectiveness Is Your Responsibility
  • Event agencies offer comprehensive logistics support and aid with the onsite attendee experience
  • Address the three pillars of the SiriusDecisions Event Framework to drive a greater return from event investment
  • Ask your event agency to do more to improve the entire attendee experience (before, during and after the event)

December 15, 2015

Don’t Let a PR Agency Play Quarterback on Strategy
  • Ceding too much control of communications and influencer strategy to your PR agency is a losing game plan
  • Agencies should take the lead on time-consuming activities like media relations that require a detailed understanding of the changing media landscape
  • Clarity around the role of the agency increases productivity and reduces friction between agency and internal teams

December 14, 2015

Is Creativity Dead at Agencies?
  • Technology has changed the way agencies operate
  • As a result of this change, they are relying on data, rather than just creativity to drive client campaigns
  • The importance of managing an agency remains paramount despite their switch to a more data-driven approach

December 11, 2015

Who Wants to Be a PR Agency? Survey Says: No One
  • The PR industry is shifting, mainly because of the changes to traditional media
  • With these changes, PR agencies are distancing themselves from the term “PR”
  • Rather than redefine the term, they are moving to terms like integrated communications

December 01, 2015