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Agency Relationships: Learning From Mistakes
  • Even the best b-to-b agency relationships can hit snags over the course of a project
  • Steve DeLeon discusses some critical lessons he’s learned from CLEAResult’s agency experiences
  • An ample discovery phase and honest communications are essential for agency project success

June 23, 2016

What to Do When You Want to Consolidate Agencies
  • Companies often end up juggling agencies and spending an inordinate amount of time managing work across multiple parties
  • When managing multiple agencies becomes too much or when budgets are re-evaluated, organizations may look at consolidating agencies
  • Keep these considerations in mind as you approach agency consolidation

March 14, 2016

Three Signals It's Time for a Retainer Contract
  • Companies may become burdened by managing multiple service providers that work on a project basis
  • There are many benefits to working with service providers in retainer-based relationships, including a consistent team
  • Use these signals to know when it’s time to make the switch from project-based relationships to longer-term commitments

January 25, 2016

Questions to Ask Your Service Providers for 2016
  • The new year provides an opportunity to regroup with service provider and agency partners
  • In your planning meetings, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate new approaches
  • Use these questions to make sure you start the new year off on the right foot

December 21, 2015

Three Ways to Make Your Service Provider Cry
  • Clients and service providers often end up in contentious relationships based on misaligned expectations
  • Agencies or service providers become defensive when they feel that the client may take their ideas and have someone else execute on them
  • Asking the right questions can foster creativity and improve the work done by the service provider or agency

December 18, 2015

So You’ve Hired a New Agency…Now What?
  • Companies aren’t out of the woodwork with responsibility once they select a new agency
  • It is critical that companies partner closely with the new agency to ensure thorough onboarding and immersion
  • The key to a successful partnership between client and agency lies in the first three months

December 16, 2015

When to (and When Not to) Bring on Another Agency
  • When executing a new project, it is difficult to know whether you should use a current agency or hire a new one
  • This is especially true for social media, where the impact of this decision can bleed across agency boundaries
  • Use these guidelines to understand when it is appropriate to hire a new firm vs. use a current one

December 04, 2015

Navigating Tough Convos with Agency Partners
  • One of the hardest parts of managing an agency is providing constructive feedback
  • While most people feel comfortable having this conversation with a coworker, they struggle when delivering the same information to an agency
  • While these conversations are difficult, they serve to strengthen the relationship among the teams and keep everyone working in lockstep

December 03, 2015

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