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Innovative Training Tech Must Focus on the Learner
  • B-to-b training technology is an innovative space one generation away from groundbreaking application
  • Most of the key functionality needed to deliver scalable, high-impact training requires stronger combinations
  • Once achieved, the scale and impact of these combinations will fundamentally transform the training space

August 28, 2017

Leveraging Enablement Tools: Lessons From a Horse
  • On the surface, sales reps may seem fully trained on messaging and new skills right away
  • Sales enablement needs to look beyond the surface when leveraging coaching tools
  • Enablement tools today offer a near real-time method for training and messaging refinement

August 10, 2017

Five-and-a-Half Questions to Ask SAM Providers
  • The number of SAM offerings available can be mind-boggling
  • This is good news for sales enablement, because competition drives innovation
  • These table-stakes requirements are must-haves for any short-listed provider

March 15, 2017

Help Me Hire Better and Faster
  • In today’s candidate-driven market, the average time to fill any open position is 52 days – sales positions take even longer
  • The adage “time is money” is never more true than in sales recruiting; every day a territory remains open is another day with lost sales
  • A multitude of tools and applications can help with sales recruitment

December 28, 2016

TechX 2016: Which Technologies Do Orgs Invest In?
  • Which technologies are most essential to power your revenue engine?
  • At this year’s SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange, Tony Jaros and Jacques Begin outlined findings from a major new survey
  • While organizations are eager to adopt new technologies, they often need to create a stronger connection between these purchases and their strategies

November 17, 2016

TechX Preview: Buying for Sales – Vendor Selection
  • The sales enablement space is exploding with new technologies and increasing budgets
  • The process of selecting and integrating the right enablement solution is both art and science
  • SiriusDecisions TechX 2016 will teach delegates how to get sales vendor selection right

November 03, 2016

The Sales Ops CPQ Cheat Sheet
  • Modernizing configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools and processes is one of the most impactful ways sales operations can increase sales productivity and
  • CPQ vendor selection and implementation requires cross-functional participation between sales, marketing, product management and engineering
  • Consider the top reasons for seeking a CPQ solution, the top considerations for vendor selection and top implementation success factors

October 03, 2016

Fifteen Ways to Guarantee a Product Demo Fail
  • Few b-to-b interactions are as crucial as the software product demo
  • Sales and marketing professionals need to up their game at this key point in the buyer’s journey
  • Use these 15 best practices to maximize the chance of losing a deal

September 06, 2016

Technology Audit: The Stakeholder Interview Guide
  • Stakeholder interviews provide first-hand knowledge of systems and processes that inform a technology audit and gap analysis
  • Structured stakeholder interview guides prevent scope creep during these audits
  • Interview guides are a valuable resource for supporting conclusions and decisionmaking

August 30, 2016

Stacking Up Channel Technology
  • As suppliers continue to transition from an on-premise model to the cloud, other technology trends are also emerging
  • With any technology, integration is essential in order to allow partners to maintain an efficient workflow
  • Important channel technologies include PRM, CMM and CDM, but others should also be considered

July 21, 2016

The Sales Compensation Management SiriusView
  • Sales compensation management solutions alleviate the burden of manually creating and administrating compensation plans
  • Some solutions extend incentive compensation into a broader set of sales performance management capabilities
  • Number and location of payees, number of plans and plan complexity (both current and projected) must factor into vendor selection

July 13, 2016

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: Stakeholder Implications
  • Microsoft announced intent to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion
  • The pairing gives Microsoft access to more than 400 million LinkedIn member records
  • SiriusDecisions believes that this is a win for prospects and current Microsoft customers and will cause a big disruption in the sales/marketing cloud

June 14, 2016

Collaborative Sales Learning: Not a Contradiction
  • Modern sellers are far more amenable to learning and sharing via peers
  • Collaboration platforms, video solutions and gamification can be effectively deployed to support long-term learning goals
  • Rich media solutions are well-suited to nano-learning and real-time, self-paced sales rep education

June 08, 2016

How Do I Choose a Content Marketing Technology?
  • Content marketing technology helps a specific department or an entire organization operationalize the content lifecycle
  • Content marketing vendors vary in many ways, including solution basis (platform/points), third-party content availability and digital asset management
  • This blog post summarizes the landscape for content marketing technology vendors

April 07, 2016

Announcing The Sales Asset Management SiriusView
  • The number of vendors in the sales asset management market is rapidly increasing
  • Sales asset management solutions help sales reps create, manage, package and distribute content effectively, but vendors’ offerings vary considerably
  • Our sales asset management SiriusView compares the capabilities of several leading sales asset management vendors

February 25, 2016

Sales Asset Management: A Growing Market
  • Sales Asset Management (SAM) solutions are gaining in popularity.
  • With this growth has come a more difficult decision for companies evaluating these technologies.
  • This blog post talks about key considerations for this market.

February 16, 2016

5 Signs Sales Asset Management May Be for You
  • Creating, managing, packaging, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of content can be a tremendous challenge
  • Five sales content issues stand out as reasons to consider a technology solution
  • Organizations must develop a rigorous sales content strategy that aligns across marketing and sales

January 27, 2016

Questions Healthcare Leaders Should Ask Vendors
  • Technology vendors are interested in the healthcare industry, but are only now beginning to develop enough knowledge to service the sector effectively
  • Marketing and sales leaders in healthcare must ask specific questions that relate to critical industry and business needs when evaluating vendors
  • As with any vendor, success with marketing and sales technology vendors is supported by transparency and ongoing learnings

December 14, 2015

You Want New Technology, Do You REALLY Need It?
  • B-to-b buyers are often distracted by “Shiny New Objects” – technology that has interesting features but doesn’t align to organizational needs
  • When purchasing marketing, sales and product technology, b-to-b organization must consider their needs in terms of capabilities
  • Identify required processes and technology capabilities, then assess existing systems, identify gaps and overlaps, and source potential solutions

December 03, 2015

The ABCs of Product Management Technologies
  • Only 13 percent of b-to-b product managers use product-management-specific applications regularly
  • The main reason they don’t use product management tools is that they don’t even know that they exist
  • There are four categories of tools; idea management; concept testing; planning, prioritization & roadmapping; and product engagement

November 19, 2015

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