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Innovative Training Tech Must Focus on the Learner
  • B-to-b training technology is an innovative space one generation away from groundbreaking application
  • Most of the key functionality needed to deliver scalable, high-impact training requires stronger combinations
  • Once achieved, the scale and impact of these combinations will fundamentally transform the training space

August 28, 2017

Leveraging Enablement Tools: Lessons From a Horse
  • On the surface, sales reps may seem fully trained on messaging and new skills right away
  • Sales enablement needs to look beyond the surface when leveraging coaching tools
  • Enablement tools today offer a near real-time method for training and messaging refinement

August 10, 2017

Seven Elements of a Successful PRM Implementation
  • There is very little written about implementing a partner relationship management (PRM) system
  • A successful PRM project starts with building a well-thought-out implementation plan
  • Partners and internal end-users are not going to adopt a tool if they don’t understand why and how to use it

June 26, 2017

Debunking Informal Learning Myths
  • B-to-b organizations need a formal learning plan to bridge major skills gaps
  • Trends toward informal and social learning do not deliver results on their own
  • Informal learning works best when placed inside a structured, business-goal oriented learning program

June 13, 2017

Rep Brains Will Love Consolidated Sales Enablement
  • Most of what we do each day is driven by unconscious behaviors
  • No single sales enablement platform solves all problems – reps must consciously decide when to leverage a particular tool
  • Feature consolidation between sales asset management, sales coaching and learning management helps reps execute the right behaviors unconsciously

February 13, 2017

What 2017 Will Mean for Sales Technology
  • Sales technology will continue its rapid evolution in 2017
  • Technology must support the movement toward greater organizational alignment between sales and other groups
  • Technology vendors must address the issue of end-user adoption and engagement as a competitive differentiator

January 09, 2017

The Partner Relationship Management SiriusView
  • PRM platforms are purpose-built to support the complex challenges of a supplier-partner relationship
  • Given the rapid maturation of PRM solutions, buyers must understand the full range of available features to discern differences in functionality
  • SiriusDecisions evaluated the strengths and weakness of the qualifying vendors

December 14, 2016

Bridging the Data Gap in the Channel
  • Channel sales-out data is often late, incomplete and inaccurate
  • Channel data management (CDM) platforms improve the data collection process
  • Increased content and accuracy saves time and money

August 26, 2016

Sales Operations: We’re Here to Help (Aren’t We?)
  • Sales operations is shifting from reporting and process management to helping increase productivity, reduce overhead and execute sales strategy
  • Poor implementation of sales technology can affect the productivity and credibility of sales operations
  • Fulfilling the sales operations mission requires close collaboration, communication and credibility with the sales organization

July 25, 2016

Sales Technology: Anytime, Anywhere
  • Mobile capabilities have become a standard functionality in sales applications
  • The ability for sales reps to access technology “where they live” is critical to productivity
  • Sales operations must ensure that constant access to technology does not become a distraction for reps

July 12, 2016

It Slices, It Dices: Problems Predictive Can Solve
  • When marketers need to narrow their focus, predictive applications help by defining segments and personas and prioritizing prospects for followup
  • When marketing and sales don’t have enough good prospects, predictive applications can intelligently source net new high-propensity targets
  • Predictive applications identify and prioritize the best prospects and reveal buyer preferences to improve conversion through the Demand Waterfall®

May 17, 2016

Perform a Sales Content Gut Check Before Launch
  • Proactively inventorying, assessing and streamlining your content will have a direct impact on your sales asset management implementation
  • Examine your content from both a buyer and seller perspective – and ensure both are well covered
  • Great content aligns with the activities your sales reps are doing

April 14, 2016

TechX 2015 Wrap-Up: See You Next Year!
  • The SiriusDecisions inaugural Technology Exchange was held November 18 and 19 in San Francisco
  • The event brought together more than 500 sales, marketing and product practitioners and 31 sponsors
  • The 2016 SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange will be located in Austin, Texas, on November 16 and 17

December 04, 2015

Should You Centralize Marketing and Sales Tech?
  • Technology strategy begins with understanding your processes, models and frameworks
  • Centralization allows organizations to achieve improved standardization, but can limit the types of technology available to various business units
  • Centralizing sales and marketing technology makes data more visible and easier to find

November 19, 2015

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