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Are Your PAMs on Your Tech Roadmap?
  • The role of technology in support of channel partners and programs continues to increase in importance as suppliers look to improve productivity
  • As the key partner-facing role, PAMs are often overlooked as stakeholders who could benefit from access to systems and tools for channel sales
  • Understanding the functional role of the PAM can help suppliers map out the key requirements for solutions that can help them manage their goals

February 02, 2017

TechX 2016: How to Roll Out Workplace Technology
  • Workplace technology rollouts differ from personal technology purchases in several important ways
  • Organizations must consider multiple personas when designing a tech rollout
  • Let affected users know up front how the new technology will change their daily experiences

November 18, 2016

Enabling B-to-B Remote Teams
  • Join SiriusDecisions in Austin this November for the second annual Technology Exchange
  • Learn how remote teams can collaborate on projects, planning, workflows and approvals
  • Discover capabilities to facilitate distributed communication and collaboration

October 20, 2016

The Habits of High-Performing Sales Reps
  • High-performing sales reps already have positive habits built into their routines
  • Technology that leverages existing cues to modify a rep's habits often enjoys better adoption rates
  • Process-map the daily habits of high-performing sales rep activities and identify where technology can help

June 16, 2016

Sales Transformation: Process Before Technology
  • Sales, sales operations and channel leaders often look to technology to increase revenue and improve rep productivity
  • Understanding and mapping sales execution processes are a critical first step in improving and informing technology decisions
  • Purchasing new technology without a disciplined process for diagnosing performance issues and prioritizing solutions is expensive and disruptive

March 22, 2016

Training Teams on New Marketing and Sales Tech
  • Different groups learn new technology in distinctly different ways
  • The best technology training is aligned to performance goals
  • Engaging people in how to improve the technology and its use enhances adoption

December 16, 2015

Are Technologists Cramping the C-Suite’s Style?
  • As the number of available technology solutions increases, marketing and sales leaders face more complex purchasing and stewardship decisions
  • Some (but not all) orgs find value in assigning a role that is responsible for maintaining an overall understanding of marketing/sales technologies
  • A chief technologist may be instrumental in helping reach a series of milestones with the goal of getting the organization technologically caught up

November 19, 2015

Shadow Sales IT Infrastructure: What’s Fueling It?
  • Shadow IT has developed into an invisible form, fueled by the availability of "freemium" enterprise applications
  • The democratization of IT has caused applications users to evolve into applications participants
  • IT must be open-minded and recognize where there are unmet needs that are screaming to addressed

November 19, 2015