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Technology Audit: Tips to Build Consensus
  • Technology decisions need buy-in from stakeholders in sales, marketing and product
  • Build alliances and political capital to convince others that technology alignment is a good idea
  • Use research, case studies and real examples of successful technology implementations as evidence of the benefits of alignment

March 10, 2016

Why You Need a Technology Audit Steering Committee
  • A technology-first, strategy-later mentality leads to siloed technology procurement and misalignment
  • Steering committees help ensure that cross-functional business needs are represented in technology procurement
  • Don’t boil the ocean; scope audits to address targeted business needs

February 16, 2016

Technology Audit: Writing Better Interview Guides
  • Knowing what to ask is critical for successful stakeholder interviews
  • Organize interview guides to prevent “scope creep” during an audit
  • Stakeholder interviews fuel the gap analysis and proposals that close the gaps

January 12, 2016

Tips to Kick Your Tech Audit Off on the Right Foot
  • A rapid increase in technology is adding levels of complexity that most organizations are ill-equipped to deal with
  • Auditing your current environment is necessary to build a sound technology strategy linked to enterprise goals
  • Maximize audit value with proactive planning, clearly defined goals and objectives, and a process-first mentality

November 19, 2015