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Debunking Informal Learning Myths
  • B-to-b organizations need a formal learning plan to bridge major skills gaps
  • Trends toward informal and social learning do not deliver results on their own
  • Informal learning works best when placed inside a structured, business-goal oriented learning program

June 13, 2017

Hey, Portfolio Marketers Don’t Have Any Toys!
  • There aren’t a lot of software tools for portfolio marketers
  • Portfolio marketers can leverage data about their target market segments and buyers from tools originally designed for other purposes
  • Tools are valuable for gathering data, but portfolio markets shouldn’t forget to talk directly to customers

March 27, 2017

An Insider’s View of Austin for SDTechX Attendees
  • Next week, the eclectic city of Austin will host SiriusDecisions’ second annual Technology Exchange
  • SiriusDecisions’ Austin-based employees list their must-see attractions while you’re at TechX
  • Here are 12 things you can do to experience the embodiment of the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”

November 07, 2016

Enabling B-to-B Remote Teams
  • Join SiriusDecisions in Austin this November for the second annual Technology Exchange
  • Learn how remote teams can collaborate on projects, planning, workflows and approvals
  • Discover capabilities to facilitate distributed communication and collaboration

October 20, 2016

Technology Audit: The Stakeholder Interview Guide
  • Stakeholder interviews provide first-hand knowledge of systems and processes that inform a technology audit and gap analysis
  • Structured stakeholder interview guides prevent scope creep during these audits
  • Interview guides are a valuable resource for supporting conclusions and decisionmaking

August 30, 2016

Product Management Tools: One Company’s Journey
  • More product management teams are interested in using purpose-built technologies, but are unsure how to best select and implement one
  • Russ Hammond shares the story of his product team’s journey from “general” tools to those designed specifically for product managers
  • Testing several tools and planning for future growth and changes can help product teams select the technology that best fits their needs

April 28, 2016

How to Be a Software Demo Rock Star
  • Presenting a demo when briefing an analyst firm is an excellent opportunity for vendors to bring their software to life
  • Many vendors fail to get their message across and deliver an engaging, informative demo
  • Present your best demo ever by considering four important questions prior to the briefing

April 05, 2016

Deception and the Truth About Ad Fraud
  • There are many kinds of ad fraud including bot, malware and erroneous fraud
  • When ad fraud occurs, ads do not appear as requested, or people are deceived by being sent to sites they did not intend to click on
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious activity by monitoring and measuring results of your ad programs

March 21, 2016

Technology Audit: Tips to Build Consensus
  • Technology decisions need buy-in from stakeholders in sales, marketing and product
  • Build alliances and political capital to convince others that technology alignment is a good idea
  • Use research, case studies and real examples of successful technology implementations as evidence of the benefits of alignment

March 10, 2016

Three Tech Steering Committee Potholes to Avoid
  • Technology steering committees drive infrastructure alignment between sales, marketing and product
  • Steering committees often run into problems in three areas: authority; meetings and membership; and project insight and support
  • Best-in-class steering committees promote better technology procurement and vision by avoiding these costly mistakes

March 08, 2016

Why You Need a Technology Audit Steering Committee
  • A technology-first, strategy-later mentality leads to siloed technology procurement and misalignment
  • Steering committees help ensure that cross-functional business needs are represented in technology procurement
  • Don’t boil the ocean; scope audits to address targeted business needs

February 16, 2016

How NOT to Make a Technology Audit an Epic Fail
  • Technology roadmapping is ineffective if it isn’t accompanied by a thorough technology audit
  • A technology audit that fails to consider people, process and data is a waste of time
  • Most marketers try to “hack” their audits by taking a technology-first/technology-only approach

February 08, 2016

Alignment: The Cure for Your Technology Hangover
  • Siloed technology procurement creates misalignment and duplication and lowers ROI
  • Focus alignment efforts on capabilities or processes that are shared among sales, marketing and/or product organizations
  • Data, cost and criticality help determine which technologies should be aligned

February 01, 2016

Battery Ventures Talks Product Management Tech
  • Historically, product managers have had less designated applications than their counterparts in sales and marketing
  • This market is growing with new vendors and solutions hitting the market in the last 18 months
  • However, adoption is still low with only 13% of product managers using these tools, according to a SiriusDecisions study

January 20, 2016

Technology Audit: Writing Better Interview Guides
  • Knowing what to ask is critical for successful stakeholder interviews
  • Organize interview guides to prevent “scope creep” during an audit
  • Stakeholder interviews fuel the gap analysis and proposals that close the gaps

January 12, 2016

Product Engagement Tools – The What and The Why
  • Product engagement tools help product managers understand their users
  • These tools can be used to drive in product guidance and training
  • Increased product usage, decreased training costs and improved customer experience are key benefits of product engagement tools

January 05, 2016

TechX 2015 Wrap-Up: See You Next Year!
  • The SiriusDecisions inaugural Technology Exchange was held November 18 and 19 in San Francisco
  • The event brought together more than 500 sales, marketing and product practitioners and 31 sponsors
  • The 2016 SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange will be located in Austin, Texas, on November 16 and 17

December 04, 2015

You Want New Technology, Do You REALLY Need It?
  • B-to-b buyers are often distracted by “Shiny New Objects” – technology that has interesting features but doesn’t align to organizational needs
  • When purchasing marketing, sales and product technology, b-to-b organization must consider their needs in terms of capabilities
  • Identify required processes and technology capabilities, then assess existing systems, identify gaps and overlaps, and source potential solutions

December 03, 2015

The ABCs of Product Management Technologies
  • Only 13 percent of b-to-b product managers use product-management-specific applications regularly
  • The main reason they don’t use product management tools is that they don’t even know that they exist
  • There are four categories of tools; idea management; concept testing; planning, prioritization & roadmapping; and product engagement

November 19, 2015

Product Management: New Tools and Technologies
  • Technology solutions specifically designed for product managers are rapidly emerging on the b-to-b technology marketplace
  • For example, idea management tools provide organizations with a collaborative way to collect, view and analyze new concepts and ideas
  • Only 15 percent of b-to-b product managers currently use idea management applications

November 19, 2015

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