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Innovative Training Tech Must Focus on the Learner
  • B-to-b training technology is an innovative space one generation away from groundbreaking application
  • Most of the key functionality needed to deliver scalable, high-impact training requires stronger combinations
  • Once achieved, the scale and impact of these combinations will fundamentally transform the training space

August 28, 2017

Eight Steps for Navigating Technology Procurement
  • Getting approval to purchase new technology is just the beginning of an often-complex procurement process
  • A successful procurement process includes clear business requirements, a vendor short list and a structured request for proposal (RFP) review
  • Expedite results by building internal stakeholder relationships and communicating proactively throughout the process

July 12, 2017

Keeping It Real: VR and AR for Demand Creation
  • Emerging content formats like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) extend personalized content experience into immersive interaction
  • Demand creation marketers can deliver high-impact content and user experience through AR and VR
  • AR and VR environments should be integrated with other demand creation tactics, technology and processes

June 06, 2017

The Four Horsemen of the ABM Technology Apocalypse
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) technology continues to be a hot topic, but not all early adopters are enamored
  • Take the risk out of your ABM technology implementation by avoiding these four common challenges
  • Be a responsible and informed technology buyer, and ask prospective vendors the important questions

May 05, 2017

Technology Investment: What’s Old Is New Again?
  • SiriusDecisions surveyed 400 organizations to analyze marketing and sales technology budgets and technology adoption
  • Thirty-eight percent of marketing and sales organization allocate their budget equally between new technologies and existing infrastructure
  • More companies in the industrial sector are investing in new technologies compared to other verticals

May 01, 2017

Does Your Social Media Tool Have a Baby Unicorn?
  • Most companies rely on multiple social media tools to support their social operations
  • As a company grows or changes, audit how the current social media tools meet the company’s needs
  • A regular “checks and balances” approach helps ensure the social media tools are being optimized

April 26, 2017

The Influencer Marketing Technology SiriusView
  • Influencer marketing technology helps companies identify and engage with third-party influencers
  • These solutions support a data-driven approach to searching for, selecting and managing relationships with influencers
  • This blog post highlights seven vendors in the influencer marketing technology category

March 14, 2017

Do Advanced Digital Capabilities Mean More Tools?
  • Many companies mistakenly equate advanced digital capabilities with advanced digital tools
  • Advanced digital capabilities are about the coordination of planning, executing and reporting of digital and non-digital activities
  • Breaking down digital silos is the best way to be digitally advanced

March 09, 2017

Five Technology Tips for Great B-to-B Webinars
  • Producing successful webinars requires the right people and technology
  • Louis Adam from EXFO offers advice for using technology effectively
  • Organizations must carefully vet potential webinar platform vendors

March 08, 2017

Is it Time for MRM Software?
  • Marketing resource management (MRM) software is among the top 10 technology investments for b-to-b CMOs
  • Thirty-nine percent of global b-to-b CMOs are investing in MRM solutions
  • Here are five key considerations for investing in MRM solutions

February 23, 2017

Influencer Marketing Tech and My PR Internship
  • Influencer marketing technology is an emerging field in b-to-b technology
  • The providers in this space approach solving the influencer marketing challenge from different angles
  • B-to-b organizations must consider the goals and scope of influencer marketing efforts before evaluating technology

February 09, 2017

Untangling the Content Technology Knot
  • The content issues pervasive at b-to-b organizations are a tangle of process and technology
  • Companies need to start by separating their content priorities from their technology concerns
  • Next, companies can decide how to use technology to address content priorities

December 08, 2016

Customer Journey Mapping Technologies
  • Mapping the customer journey is a foundational capability to improving customer experience
  • New tools and technologies are available to help customer engagement practitioners map the customer journey for better organizational alignment
  • Consideration of customer roles continues to be key in the retain/actualize stage

November 22, 2016

TechX 2016: Which Technologies Do Orgs Invest In?
  • Which technologies are most essential to power your revenue engine?
  • At this year’s SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange, Tony Jaros and Jacques Begin outlined findings from a major new survey
  • While organizations are eager to adopt new technologies, they often need to create a stronger connection between these purchases and their strategies

November 17, 2016

Assessing Predictive for Your Company at TechX
  • Hundreds of b-to-b leaders will gather in Austin to learn about the technologies they should use in their evolving tech stacks
  • Attendees will learn how and why marketing, sales and product can use predictive applications as “mental modules” throughout the organization
  • Thursday’s analytics session highlights b-to-b organizations that have successfully adopted predictive applications and the impact they’re seeing

November 01, 2016

Customers Should Dictate Community Platform Choice
  • People join communities for specific reasons – do you know why your customers would join yours?
  • Each customer’s needs for joining must be aligned with the online platform chosen to fulfill those needs
  • Public and private platforms promise different things, and combining them may not achieve the expected result

October 31, 2016

Considerations For Selecting a Webinar Technology
  • When selecting a webinar technology, carefully consider requirements and use cases
  • Webinar technologies vary in editing capabilities and how they can be shared
  • This post shares four considerations for making a webinar technology selection

September 29, 2016

Which Vendor Do I Select for My Webinar Needs?
  • Webinars continue to be a critical component to any b-to-b demand marketer’s toolkit
  • Webinar vendors vary based on their editing capabilities, ability to support simulated live events, and marketing integrations
  • This blog post summarizes the webinar technology landscape

September 19, 2016

Technology Audit: The Stakeholder Interview Guide
  • Stakeholder interviews provide first-hand knowledge of systems and processes that inform a technology audit and gap analysis
  • Structured stakeholder interview guides prevent scope creep during these audits
  • Interview guides are a valuable resource for supporting conclusions and decisionmaking

August 30, 2016

Services That Support Successful ABM Strategies
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) is extremely or very important to the 2016 marketing efforts of 87 percent of b-to-b companies
  • In addition to investing in ABM technologies and tools, marketers are planning to invest in ABM services
  • Insights and content creation are key areas for which ABM marketers are turning to service providers

August 29, 2016

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