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How Many Fields Should Web Contact Forms Have?
  • Marketers often wonder how many fields should be in their Web contact forms
  • The optimal number of fields depends on numerous variables
  • Qualification is the most variable of the main potential form criteria

May 23, 2017

The 90s Are Back: Not Just the Music or Clothes
  • Middleware solved the problem of integrating multiple systems in the 90s
  • The proliferation of technologies and data can create a new integration challenge
  • Updated versions of middleware have returned as a key part of the technology stack

March 29, 2017

Intent Monitoring: Why It’s Not Predictive
  • Predictive analytics and account-based marketing are two of the hottest areas in b-to-b
  • Intent monitoring is often considered predictive, but doesn’t actually use data in an algorithmic way
  • Intent monitoring will grow in popularity as it continues to or serve as a “lightweight” alternative to predictive analytics

December 21, 2016

Benchmarking Web Performance With Google Analytics
  • Benchmarking provides an important starting line for performance analysis
  • “How is my Web site doing?” is a key question asked by all organizations
  • Google Analytics offers a free benchmarking tool, but metrics must be analyzed properly

November 14, 2016

Predictive Analytics: One Year Later
  • Getty Images’ sales team needed data-driven intelligence from marketing to make its monitoring and interactions more effective
  • Predictive models take into account the likeliness of electronic conversion, potential account value and other factors to prescribe the right course
  • Providing key account highlights and information to enable the sales process helped build greater trust and support

November 10, 2016

Data Management: Tales from a Race Director
  • Data issues abound, even in relatively small data sets – growing data management proficiency is critical
  • Focus on several key areas: process, interlock, skills and roles, measurement and culture
  • Join John Donlon and Steve Silver at the SiriusDecisions TechX event in Austin this month

November 01, 2016

Capturing Insights from a Disjointed Tech Stack
  • Only 32 percent of marketing organizations in financial services can access a BI tool
  • Conducting an inventory of data existing across the platform yields new insights
  • Aligning and prioritizing measurement goals with sales helps to focus efforts and limit requirements

October 27, 2016

Use Your Data to Learn About Buying Process Timing
  • The buying process takes time – which means that customers and prospects start compiling information months before making a purchase decision
  • Your data reveals how and when customers and prospects interact with you
  • Using predictive analytics, you can learn about the sequence of events that yields leads, pipeline opportunities and bookings

October 18, 2016

Marketing Automation: The Contact Field Taxonomy
  • Marketing automation platforms provide out-of-the box contact field taxonomies
  • Organizations often find these generic contact fields do not meet their objectives
  • Taxonomies should include contact information, demographic data, routing rules and qualification criteria

September 27, 2016

Blindsight: How Gut Feeling Is Not Knowing
  • Those with blindsight can detect and respond to visual stimuli around them, but they’re not aware of and can’t really know what they’re seeing
  • Without advanced analytics, b-to-b professionals receiving information still don’t really know what works and what doesn’t
  • Advanced predictive analytics is the part of the b-to-b brain that turns sensory data into usable information to drive high-functioning businesses

September 21, 2016

Data-Driven Marketing: Three Forums and Takeaways
  • Data is the fuel for your marketing engine that can turbocharge your demand creation efforts
  • New data privacy legislation is in effect in the EU, and organizations need to adapt quickly
  • Revisit data requirements with internal stakeholders to manage the right data in the right way

August 17, 2016

Predictive: “Ride-Sharing Solution” for Marketing
  • Everyone’s favorite analogy for disruptive technology today is ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft
  • When high-powered analytics are applied to complex logistical problems for which there are available resources, great things can happen
  • Predictive analytics is a better way to arrive at solutions that would otherwise require excessive resources – just like ride-sharing

August 16, 2016

Accelerate Business Growth With Predictive
  • Establish common language and metric sets with full transparency
  • Conduct aligned planning around business goals and prioritization schema
  • Support sales productivity efforts with tools to help optimize and align sales rep prospecting activities

August 08, 2016

To Duplicate Or Not To Duplicate
  • How do duplicate records in your marketing automation or sales force automation system affect lead management?
  • Organizations commonly take one of two MAP/SFA integration approaches to deal with duplication
  • Assess reporting requirements and capabilities to determine the best approach

July 27, 2016

Predictive Segmentation: To Lump or to Split?
  • Total addressable markets (TAM) should be subdivided into useful segments
  • Predictive analytics allows for the creation of useful segments by lumping and splitting TAM
  • Lumping provides opportunities for achieving scale, while splitting enables precision and efficiency

June 13, 2016

Data Governance: From Project to Program
  • Shifting from a defined project to an ongoing program is a challenge for many organizations
  • Leverage the enthusiasm for a data cleanup project to establish ongoing data governance
  • Ownership, a roadmap and internal promotion are key to transitioning into a sustainable program

June 09, 2016

Free Data Supports Better Business Plans
  • You can use publicly available data to support headcount planning
  • Some industries depend on sales and marketing employees more than others
  • Compare your business or department with industry averages

May 25, 2016

Use Cases for Predictive Analytics
  • Trial-and-error methods for optimizing marketing tactics and results are hampered by difficulties in controlling and linking variables
  • Predictive analytics provides marketers with the ability to simulate rather than experiment, and to make predictions rather than guesses
  • Eight use cases for predictive analytics can help b-to-b marketers make decisions across the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® and customer lifecycle

April 27, 2016

Has Your Hot Prospect Well Run Dry?
  • Marketers should consider several use cases when determining if predictive prospect sourcing makes sense for their organization
  • Predictive marketing applications solve three primary problems
  • There are shared capabilities that are required to be successful across all predictive applications

April 19, 2016

The First Three Steps in the Analytics Journey
  • Marketers can begin their analytics journey in Excel
  • Start with visualization, correlation and regression
  • By compiling useful data, marketers can accomplish more than they realize

April 06, 2016

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