Peter is a research analyst for the Sales Enablement Strategies service at SiriusDecisions. Prior to joining SiriusDecisions, he was the Associate Vice President of Sales Enablement at Distinguished Programs, a national insurance program manager with more than $250 million in written premium that covered more than 70,000 hospitality and real estate risks nationwide.

Leveraging Enablement Tools: Lessons From a Horse
  • On the surface, sales reps may seem fully trained on messaging and new skills right away
  • Sales enablement needs to look beyond the surface when leveraging coaching tools
  • Enablement tools today offer a near real-time method for training and messaging refinement

August 10, 2017

Rep Brains Will Love Consolidated Sales Enablement
  • Most of what we do each day is driven by unconscious behaviors
  • No single sales enablement platform solves all problems – reps must consciously decide when to leverage a particular tool
  • Feature consolidation between sales asset management, sales coaching and learning management helps reps execute the right behaviors unconsciously

February 13, 2017

The Habits of High-Performing Sales Reps
  • High-performing sales reps already have positive habits built into their routines
  • Technology that leverages existing cues to modify a rep's habits often enjoys better adoption rates
  • Process-map the daily habits of high-performing sales rep activities and identify where technology can help

June 16, 2016

Perform a Sales Content Gut Check Before Launch
  • Proactively inventorying, assessing and streamlining your content will have a direct impact on your sales asset management implementation
  • Examine your content from both a buyer and seller perspective – and ensure both are well covered
  • Great content aligns with the activities your sales reps are doing

April 14, 2016