Peter Ostrow is a research director for Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions. Peter capitalizes on 20+ years of revenue growth leadership in sales enablement, sales talent management, and operational expertise. Finding a better, faster way to help b-to-b sales teams beat quota drives just about every topic, company, rep, and channel partner he engages.

The Three Degrees of Guided Selling
  • Sales playbooks have been around for a long time, and remain relevant for many contemporary sales organizations
  • For more complex and customized selling interactions, guided selling goes beyond playbooks and optimizes sales asset management environments
  • Determining the appropriate degree of guidance for a team is a crucial sales enablement function

October 03, 2017

Five-and-a-Half Questions to Ask SAM Providers
  • The number of SAM offerings available can be mind-boggling
  • This is good news for sales enablement, because competition drives innovation
  • These table-stakes requirements are must-haves for any short-listed provider

March 15, 2017

TechX Preview: Buying for Sales – Vendor Selection
  • The sales enablement space is exploding with new technologies and increasing budgets
  • The process of selecting and integrating the right enablement solution is both art and science
  • SiriusDecisions TechX 2016 will teach delegates how to get sales vendor selection right

November 03, 2016

Fifteen Ways to Guarantee a Product Demo Fail
  • Few b-to-b interactions are as crucial as the software product demo
  • Sales and marketing professionals need to up their game at this key point in the buyer’s journey
  • Use these 15 best practices to maximize the chance of losing a deal

September 06, 2016

Collaborative Sales Learning: Not a Contradiction
  • Modern sellers are far more amenable to learning and sharing via peers
  • Collaboration platforms, video solutions and gamification can be effectively deployed to support long-term learning goals
  • Rich media solutions are well-suited to nano-learning and real-time, self-paced sales rep education

June 08, 2016