Mike is a global business analytics leader. For more than 25 years, he has provided b-to-b consulting support to clients in a wide range of industries, analyzing markets, customers and costs. Using large-scale data integration and pertinent quantitative methods, he estimates total addressable market, segments markets, prioritizes and targets opportunities, and quantifies potential sales to new and existing customers.

Use Your Data to Learn About Buying Process Timing
  • The buying process takes time – which means that customers and prospects start compiling information months before making a purchase decision
  • Your data reveals how and when customers and prospects interact with you
  • Using predictive analytics, you can learn about the sequence of events that yields leads, pipeline opportunities and bookings

October 18, 2016

Free Data Supports Better Business Plans
  • You can use publicly available data to support headcount planning
  • Some industries depend on sales and marketing employees more than others
  • Compare your business or department with industry averages

May 25, 2016

The First Three Steps in the Analytics Journey
  • Marketers can begin their analytics journey in Excel
  • Start with visualization, correlation and regression
  • By compiling useful data, marketers can accomplish more than they realize

April 06, 2016