Matt Senatore is Service Director, Account-Based Marketing, at SiriusDecisions. Throughout his career, Matt has focused on how organizations can build, grow and foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers – improving top-line and bottom-line results while improving the customer experience.

Intent Monitoring: Why It’s Not Predictive
  • Predictive analytics and account-based marketing are two of the hottest areas in b-to-b
  • Intent monitoring is often considered predictive, but doesn’t actually use data in an algorithmic way
  • Intent monitoring will grow in popularity as it continues to or serve as a “lightweight” alternative to predictive analytics

December 21, 2016

Services That Support Successful ABM Strategies
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) is extremely or very important to the 2016 marketing efforts of 87 percent of b-to-b companies
  • In addition to investing in ABM technologies and tools, marketers are planning to invest in ABM services
  • Insights and content creation are key areas for which ABM marketers are turning to service providers

August 29, 2016

[Insert Your Favorite Technology] is Not ABM!
  • Lots of technology vendors claim to be the best account-based marketing (ABM) vendor
  • Many tech vendors play an important role in an ABM practitioner’s strategy, execution and measurement
  • Strategy, process and alignment are critical – it’s not enough to plug in a new technology

June 28, 2016