Laura Sudnik is a research analyst for SiriusDecisions’ Strategic Communications Management service. She has 18 years of corporate communications experience and has spent her career helping b-to-b organizations build their public relations, IT analyst relations and social media programs.

Does Your Social Media Tool Have a Baby Unicorn?
  • Most companies rely on multiple social media tools to support their social operations
  • As a company grows or changes, audit how the current social media tools meet the company’s needs
  • A regular “checks and balances” approach helps ensure the social media tools are being optimized

April 26, 2017

Finding the Right Public Relations Agency Partner
  • With PR typically understaffed, an agency acts as an extension of the team
  • Matching personality and work styles is an important aspect of selection
  • Select a trusted partner to enable the team to increase productivity and improve support

November 21, 2016