Laura is a results-oriented marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, demand creation, marketing operations and public relations. She understands demand creation for b-to-b companies and is passionate about companies with complex business models, especially those that sell to – and through – a channel.

How Many Fields Should Web Contact Forms Have?
  • Marketers often wonder how many fields should be in their Web contact forms
  • The optimal number of fields depends on numerous variables
  • Qualification is the most variable of the main potential form criteria

May 23, 2017

Finding Value in Marketing Automation
  • A marketing automation platform (MAP), combined with process definition, should enable buyer engagement at scale
  • Marketing must ensure that business value and ROI are achieved from the MAP investment
  • MAPs must contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs

March 02, 2017

Marketing Automation: The Contact Field Taxonomy
  • Marketing automation platforms provide out-of-the box contact field taxonomies
  • Organizations often find these generic contact fields do not meet their objectives
  • Taxonomies should include contact information, demographic data, routing rules and qualification criteria

September 27, 2016

How Many Emails Should You Send Each Contact?
  • Excessive email communication directly impacts email effectiveness and can increase opt-outs
  • The only way to tell how many mails should be sent is to test
  • Best practices for email touch governance include process centralization and preference management

September 12, 2016

Marketo to Be Acquired by Vista Equity Partners
  • Marketo has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by a private equity firm, Vista Equity Partners, for approximately $1.79 billion
  • Marketo will remain in San Mateo with its plans for Project Orion and product innovation intact
  • SiriusDecisions believes this acquisition will be a win for Marketo customers and a likely win for Marketo prospects

June 02, 2016

Is MAP Migration Right for Your Organization?
  • There are six steps to determine if MAP migration effort is justified
  • By utilizing these steps, an organization can determine if MAP migration is best for the business
  • If, along the way, an organization determines that MAP migration is no longer a viable option, it does not need to complete the remaining steps

April 26, 2016

Considering MAP Migration: Costs and Risks
  • Cost/benefit analyses for software migration often focus solely on the cost of the new acquisition, missing indirect costs and the element of risk
  • Consider four key factors when assessing the true cost of marketing automation platform (MAP) migration
  • The viability of a MAP migration project should be decided on the basis of costs and risks

April 21, 2016

Top Considerations and Mistakes with MAP Migration
  • There are five common scenarios for why b-to-b organizations choose to migrate from one MAP to another
  • B-to-b organizations often migrate without understanding the implications and dependencies
  • Marketing automation must be an iterative process, with optimization as a necessary part of the journey, regardless of platform

March 02, 2016