Julian has more than 25 years of international b-to-b demand creation experience within corporate and pan-European field functions. His experience includes developing industry segment-focused campaigns and content aligned with each stage of the buying journey, consistently delivering campaigns that resulted in marketing-sourced opportunities achieving three times the sales revenue target over a fiscal year.

Technology Support: Data Privacy Regulation GDPR
  • Companies should emphasize that a focus on gaining prospects’ opt-in permissions can fuel business growth
  • The good news is that technology is available to facilitate and enforce compliant data privacy policies
  • Three areas have caught our attention: consent management, data inventory management and preference management

August 31, 2017

Making Webinars Relevant
  • When planning webinars, determine their relevance to the buyer by aligning each to a stage within the buyer’s journey
  • Considering and agreeing on the context of a webinar helps drive content selection and determine the required skills of the presenters
  • Current webinar technology helps support improved audience experience – use in-solution tools to drive appropriate viewer engagement

March 15, 2016

Event Effectiveness Is Your Responsibility
  • Event agencies offer comprehensive logistics support and aid with the onsite attendee experience
  • Address the three pillars of the SiriusDecisions Event Framework to drive a greater return from event investment
  • Ask your event agency to do more to improve the entire attendee experience (before, during and after the event)

December 15, 2015

Data Privacy Regulation: The Stick and the Carrot
  • There is an increased availability of technology that can track and predict behavior from our private and professional online activity
  • Government authorities are enforcing legislation around the world to protect the individual’s right to privacy
  • Investing in building your own permission list can bring benefits that exceed simply complying with the law

November 19, 2015