John Donlon is a Research Director for Marketing Operations at SiriusDecisions. A recognized thought leader in marketing operations, he has over 20 years of experience in information technology, process improvement, and measurement and reporting.

Data Management: Tales from a Race Director
  • Data issues abound, even in relatively small data sets – growing data management proficiency is critical
  • Focus on several key areas: process, interlock, skills and roles, measurement and culture
  • Join John Donlon and Steve Silver at the SiriusDecisions TechX event in Austin this month

November 01, 2016

Data-Driven Marketing: Three Forums and Takeaways
  • Data is the fuel for your marketing engine that can turbocharge your demand creation efforts
  • New data privacy legislation is in effect in the EU, and organizations need to adapt quickly
  • Revisit data requirements with internal stakeholders to manage the right data in the right way

August 17, 2016

Data Governance: From Project to Program
  • Shifting from a defined project to an ongoing program is a challenge for many organizations
  • Leverage the enthusiasm for a data cleanup project to establish ongoing data governance
  • Ownership, a roadmap and internal promotion are key to transitioning into a sustainable program

June 09, 2016