Jessica F. Lillian is a senior editor at SiriusDecisions and has more than a decade of b-to-b editorial experience, including five years as the editor of national b-to-b magazines.

Tech Interview Spotlight: Customer Advocacy
  • Customer advocacy technologies can help organizations better manage the entire advocacy process
  • Spencer Duncan from Ceridian discusses his organization's experience in a recent interview
  • When evaluating platforms, consider integration with existing internal systems

June 21, 2017

Aetna: Creating Real-Time Web Personalization
  • Aetna, Accountable Care Solutions needed to shift from customization to real-time personalization
  • Marketing automation was deployed to provide information specific to buyers' needs
  • Using a single platform also makes back-end content management easier

May 14, 2017

Tech Spotlight: How GE Cleaned Up Its Channel Data
  • When channel data becomes disorganized and difficult to use, using a channel data management (CDM) vendor can help
  • Learn how GE deployed CDM and helped its channel partners regain trust in its data
  • As with any technology, CDM requires strong processes and capable teams for the best chance of success

March 16, 2017

Five Technology Tips for Great B-to-B Webinars
  • Producing successful webinars requires the right people and technology
  • Louis Adam from EXFO offers advice for using technology effectively
  • Organizations must carefully vet potential webinar platform vendors

March 08, 2017

Succeeding With ABM – Without ABM Technology
  • To launch an ABM program without dedicated tech, organizations must get creative
  • Joe Quinn of National Instruments created a successful ABM program by leveraging existing technologies
  • Ensure processes are well-defined before deploying ABM tools

March 06, 2017

From Mall to Warehouse: GE’s E-Commerce Revamp
  • B-to-b buyers often prefer to complete several e-commerce transactions in a single checkout
  • GE Energy Connections recently transitioned its e-commerce site to offer a "warehouse" approach
  • Integrating e-commerce technologies can be complex, but the benefits are significant

January 17, 2017

Mailbox Meets Mobile: Pitney Bowes’ Dual Strategy
  • Do physical mailings still have a place in today's marketing environment?
  • Nat Cooper from Pitney Bowes explains his dual-tactic method
  • Data matching technology is critical to mobile marketing

January 11, 2017

TechX 2016: How to Roll Out Workplace Technology
  • Workplace technology rollouts differ from personal technology purchases in several important ways
  • Organizations must consider multiple personas when designing a tech rollout
  • Let affected users know up front how the new technology will change their daily experiences

November 18, 2016

TechX 2016: Which Technologies Do Orgs Invest In?
  • Which technologies are most essential to power your revenue engine?
  • At this year’s SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange, Tony Jaros and Jacques Begin outlined findings from a major new survey
  • While organizations are eager to adopt new technologies, they often need to create a stronger connection between these purchases and their strategies

November 17, 2016

TechX 2016: Don't Let Your Tech Stack Topple!
  • Many organization's tech stacks are precarious and filled with gaps
  • During their Tech Exchange keynote, Jay Famico and Mark Levinson introduced a new technology framework
  • A priority-led approach to technology is key to making the right decisions

November 16, 2016

Predictive Analytics: One Year Later
  • Getty Images’ sales team needed data-driven intelligence from marketing to make its monitoring and interactions more effective
  • Predictive models take into account the likeliness of electronic conversion, potential account value and other factors to prescribe the right course
  • Providing key account highlights and information to enable the sales process helped build greater trust and support

November 10, 2016

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Tech Transformation
  • Grant McLaughlin spoke with SiriusDecisions on the organization’s journey to improved tech utilization
  • Marketing analytics and brand measurement received particular attention
  • As a large organization, Booz Allen has found that alignment across functions is key to successful rollout

August 31, 2016

SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange 2016: What to Expect
  • Join SiriusDecisions in Austin this November for the second annual Technology Exchange
  • This year’s event will feature brand new SiriusDecisions frameworks and research findings
  • Opportunities for networking and fun abound, with the return of the TechX Games!

August 25, 2016

Agency Relationships: Learning From Mistakes
  • Even the best b-to-b agency relationships can hit snags over the course of a project
  • Steve DeLeon discusses some critical lessons he’s learned from CLEAResult’s agency experiences
  • An ample discovery phase and honest communications are essential for agency project success

June 23, 2016

Oracle’s Channel Marketing Tech Success Story
  • Mark McKinzie explains how he built his tech stack at Oracle
  • Oracle didn’t always use Eloqua for marketing automation – discover the organization’s story
  • Deploying the right technologies can help channel partners succeed

May 13, 2016

B-to-B Agency Selection: Three RFP Red Flags
  • When reviewing proposals from agencies, watch out for common red flags
  • A seemingly great RFP response might actually be a generic copied-and-pasted document
  • Make sure agencies have developed a thorough understanding of your company culture and processes

April 04, 2016

How Marketing Ops Can Drive Better Tech Decisions
  • Many b-to-b organizations are plagued by “shiny new car syndrome” and purchase new technologies that they don’t have the resources to manage
  • Buying new technology is only the beginning – organizations need a sound strategy for implementation
  • Marketing operations can take the lead on driving the tech roadmap, helping the organization understand its needs and make decisions appropriately

March 17, 2016

Marketing’s Big Hiring Problem, PHACE and Unicorns
  • B-to-b organizations often find it difficult to find qualified personnel for their marketing teams
  • New Relic’s Baxter Denney has created a new framework for finding the best candidates
  • Don’t chase unicorns – instead, look for candidates who might have taken an unexpected path to develop relevant skills

March 03, 2016

Sales Asset Management: A Growing Market
  • Sales Asset Management (SAM) solutions are gaining in popularity.
  • With this growth has come a more difficult decision for companies evaluating these technologies.
  • This blog post talks about key considerations for this market.

February 16, 2016

Are You Harnessing the Power of Your Data?
  • The massive recent changes to technology infrastructure have created a wealth of new data at many b-to-b organizations
  • Many teams face increasing pressure to use data to prove ROI on their systems and activities
  • The SiriusDecisions Data Strategy Implementation Process offers a handy blueprint for identifying and fixing data problems

December 02, 2015

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