Jennifer Ross, service director of Marketing Leadership Strategies, is a seasoned marketing executive with 20 years of experience in creating and executing marketing strategies for b-to-b companies in a variety of industries. She is a results-oriented strategist who employs integrated, multi-channel inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to generate demand, increase brand identity and awareness, and drive business growth.

Is it Time for MRM Software?
  • Marketing resource management (MRM) software is among the top 10 technology investments for b-to-b CMOs
  • Thirty-nine percent of global b-to-b CMOs are investing in MRM solutions
  • Here are five key considerations for investing in MRM solutions

February 23, 2017

Where B-to-B CMOs Are Placing Technology Bets
  • SiriusDecisions annual CMO study reports that 83% of b-to-b CMOs will increase their marketing budget in 2016
  • Systems and tools will be the second largest area of investment
  • Business intelligence and customer intelligence management top the list of technology investment priorities for CMOs

May 03, 2016