Jennifer is an enthusiastic marketing professional, bringing 15 years of b-to-b experience to SiriusDecision's CMO and Marketing Executive Services team. Based in Boston, MA, Jennifer's experience spans a wide range of competencies including strategic marketing, demand generation, branding, team leadership, change management, and sales support for various organizations in the market research, software and media industries.

Customer Experience in an Augmented World
  • Business model changes and disruptive technologies are raising the customer experience bar
  • Disruptive technologies – such as augmented reality – promise limitless possibilities
  • CMOs should do their best to assess augmented reality in terms of customer experience and engagement

January 25, 2017

Customers Should Dictate Community Platform Choice
  • People join communities for specific reasons – do you know why your customers would join yours?
  • Each customer’s needs for joining must be aligned with the online platform chosen to fulfill those needs
  • Public and private platforms promise different things, and combining them may not achieve the expected result

October 31, 2016

Are We Engaged? It’s a Matter of Trust
  • Before customers will engage in your online community, you need to gain their trust in you and your social collaboration platform
  • Alignment between community goals and corporate objectives is critical for success
  • Don’t be eager to throw money at technology unless you are 100 percent sure it works with your environment

June 27, 2016