Jeff is a recognized thought leader in product management, with over a decade of experience in the development of Web-based products and SaaS. His product management career includes both new product introductions and major turnarounds of existing product lines, as well as introduction of the product management role into organizations. He has significant expertise in customer understanding, new product innovation, agile product management, user experience design and product development processes.

How Microsoft Applied Agile Marketing to Office365
  • More organizations are interested in applying agile approaches to marketing
  • Microsoft has made a shift to applying agile practices within the Office365 marketing group over the past several years
  • The shift to agile marketing requires new processes, mindsets, skills and approaches to technology

January 19, 2017

“Going Agile” In Marketing – How Is It Different?
  • More organizations are interested in applying agile approaches to marketing
  • Applying agile to marketing differs in three key areas from product development
  • Organizations need to understand and plan for these differences

November 04, 2016

Product Management Tools: One Company’s Journey
  • More product management teams are interested in using purpose-built technologies, but are unsure how to best select and implement one
  • Russ Hammond shares the story of his product team’s journey from “general” tools to those designed specifically for product managers
  • Testing several tools and planning for future growth and changes can help product teams select the technology that best fits their needs

April 28, 2016

Battery Ventures Talks Product Management Tech
  • Historically, product managers have had less designated applications than their counterparts in sales and marketing
  • This market is growing with new vendors and solutions hitting the market in the last 18 months
  • However, adoption is still low with only 13% of product managers using these tools, according to a SiriusDecisions study

January 20, 2016

The ABCs of Product Management Technologies
  • Only 13 percent of b-to-b product managers use product-management-specific applications regularly
  • The main reason they don’t use product management tools is that they don’t even know that they exist
  • There are four categories of tools; idea management; concept testing; planning, prioritization & roadmapping; and product engagement

November 19, 2015

Product Management Tools and Technology 2015
  • Product managers use a wide variety of tools and technologies as part of their job
  • There are applications designed specifically for product management use
  • Most product managers are not using product management-specific tools as part of their daily work

November 19, 2015