Jeff Clark brings over 30 years of experience as a creative marketing executive to his role as Research Director of the Marketing Operations Service at SiriusDecisions. He excels at leading global campaigns, collaborating with partners on joint marketing, and also establishing new processes and systems to improve the marketing effectiveness.

Which Comes First – The Process or the Technology?
  • Technology enables marketing, sales and product functions to deliver better outcomes
  • A process view of technology provides a foundation for developing requirements
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to define the desired outcomes

April 12, 2017

What’s in Your Technology Future? Build a Roadmap
  • Building a technology roadmap requires aligning business objectives to technology planning
  • Establishing a steering committee helps to drive alignment across functions
  • Several key elements are required to make the technology vision a reality

January 04, 2017

Looking for Gaps in Your Tech Stack
  • Marketing organizations must understand the interdependence of processes, competencies and technologies
  • Marketing operations and technology leaders must engage stakeholders who require tech solutions to define objectives and desired future capabilities
  • Addressing process and competency gaps will ensure the success of new technology solutions

October 26, 2016

Marketing Ops Can Help Avoid Technology Overload
  • The complexity of managing today’s marketing technology environment requires a disciplined approach to technology management
  • Marketing operations plays a significant role in technology management to ensure a return is delivered to the organization
  • Marketing operations must collaborate with key stakeholders to audit and enable users, and build the roadmap for the evolution of the organization’s

August 18, 2016

Marketing Tech – Don’t Get Trapped in Your Silo
  • Technology often requires alignment across several functions to be successful, from product to marketing to sales
  • Many b-to-b marketers purchase new technology to make their lives easier without thinking about how it fits into their ecosystem
  • Buying new technology needs to start with a view of aligning processes, data strategy and enablement

March 28, 2016