Jacques brings 12 years of IT research industry expertise and insight to SiriusDecisions' Technology and Services practice. He has proven success in account management, research and analysis, content development and delivery and communications and collaboration. His experience also includes process improvement, performance management, business intelligence, decision impact and agility, organization and management strategies, the business value of IT and business and IT transformation.

Technology Investment: What’s Old Is New Again?
  • SiriusDecisions surveyed 400 organizations to analyze marketing and sales technology budgets and technology adoption
  • Thirty-eight percent of marketing and sales organization allocate their budget equally between new technologies and existing infrastructure
  • More companies in the industrial sector are investing in new technologies compared to other verticals

May 01, 2017

Technology Investment: Latest Trends in B-to-B
  • SiriusDecisions surveyed 400 organizations to analyze technology budgets and adoption
  • 59 percent of marketing and sales technology budgets increased by 5 percent or more
  • The software and hardware industries retain flat marketing and sales tech budgets

February 15, 2017

The Partner Relationship Management SiriusView
  • PRM platforms are purpose-built to support the complex challenges of a supplier-partner relationship
  • Given the rapid maturation of PRM solutions, buyers must understand the full range of available features to discern differences in functionality
  • SiriusDecisions evaluated the strengths and weakness of the qualifying vendors

December 14, 2016

Technology Audit: The Stakeholder Interview Guide
  • Stakeholder interviews provide first-hand knowledge of systems and processes that inform a technology audit and gap analysis
  • Structured stakeholder interview guides prevent scope creep during these audits
  • Interview guides are a valuable resource for supporting conclusions and decisionmaking

August 30, 2016

The Sales Compensation Management SiriusView
  • Sales compensation management solutions alleviate the burden of manually creating and administrating compensation plans
  • Some solutions extend incentive compensation into a broader set of sales performance management capabilities
  • Number and location of payees, number of plans and plan complexity (both current and projected) must factor into vendor selection

July 13, 2016

Chief Marketing Technologist: Key Responsibilities
  • Many b-to-b marketing organizations lack a cohesive technology adoption strategy, contributing to redundant systems and duplication of data
  • A chief marketing technologist has seven primary responsibilities, ranging from technology selection and implementation to budgeting and strategy
  • Before creating and hiring for the role of a chief marketing technologist, clearly define the role and its responsibilities

May 23, 2016

Four Benefits of a One-Step Marketing Tech Plan
  • B-to-b marketers overthink technology selection and make their lives way too hard
  • Accelerate technology selection by throwing all standards, protocols and formal vetting processes out the window
  • Seventy-nine percent of b-to-b organizations reported a 40 percent uptick in technology after procuring 10 percent more solutions monthly

April 01, 2016

Technology Audit: Tips to Build Consensus
  • Technology decisions need buy-in from stakeholders in sales, marketing and product
  • Build alliances and political capital to convince others that technology alignment is a good idea
  • Use research, case studies and real examples of successful technology implementations as evidence of the benefits of alignment

March 10, 2016

Three Tech Steering Committee Potholes to Avoid
  • Technology steering committees drive infrastructure alignment between sales, marketing and product
  • Steering committees often run into problems in three areas: authority; meetings and membership; and project insight and support
  • Best-in-class steering committees promote better technology procurement and vision by avoiding these costly mistakes

March 08, 2016

Why You Need a Technology Audit Steering Committee
  • A technology-first, strategy-later mentality leads to siloed technology procurement and misalignment
  • Steering committees help ensure that cross-functional business needs are represented in technology procurement
  • Don’t boil the ocean; scope audits to address targeted business needs

February 16, 2016

How NOT to Make a Technology Audit an Epic Fail
  • Technology roadmapping is ineffective if it isn’t accompanied by a thorough technology audit
  • A technology audit that fails to consider people, process and data is a waste of time
  • Most marketers try to “hack” their audits by taking a technology-first/technology-only approach

February 08, 2016

Alignment: The Cure for Your Technology Hangover
  • Siloed technology procurement creates misalignment and duplication and lowers ROI
  • Focus alignment efforts on capabilities or processes that are shared among sales, marketing and/or product organizations
  • Data, cost and criticality help determine which technologies should be aligned

February 01, 2016

Technology Audit: Writing Better Interview Guides
  • Knowing what to ask is critical for successful stakeholder interviews
  • Organize interview guides to prevent “scope creep” during an audit
  • Stakeholder interviews fuel the gap analysis and proposals that close the gaps

January 12, 2016

Customer Intelligence Tech: Worth the Investment?
  • Customer intelligence management solutions help b-to-b companies collect, analyze and respond to customer feedback
  • The maturity of customer relationships helps determine the value of intelligence
  • Information on customers often resides in silos across the enterprise and isn’t shared

January 07, 2016

Tips to Kick Your Tech Audit Off on the Right Foot
  • A rapid increase in technology is adding levels of complexity that most organizations are ill-equipped to deal with
  • Auditing your current environment is necessary to build a sound technology strategy linked to enterprise goals
  • Maximize audit value with proactive planning, clearly defined goals and objectives, and a process-first mentality

November 19, 2015

Should You Centralize Marketing and Sales Tech?
  • Technology strategy begins with understanding your processes, models and frameworks
  • Centralization allows organizations to achieve improved standardization, but can limit the types of technology available to various business units
  • Centralizing sales and marketing technology makes data more visible and easier to find

November 19, 2015

How Marketing Tech Is Like Craft Brewing
  • The explosion of new marketing technologies has created more choices for marketers but has also complicated the selection process
  • The level of investment seen in these markets over the last several years is not sustainable over the long term
  • The wild growth of marketing organizations’ tech stacks will eventually lead them to consolidate

November 19, 2015

Are Technologists Cramping the C-Suite’s Style?
  • As the number of available technology solutions increases, marketing and sales leaders face more complex purchasing and stewardship decisions
  • Some (but not all) orgs find value in assigning a role that is responsible for maintaining an overall understanding of marketing/sales technologies
  • A chief technologist may be instrumental in helping reach a series of milestones with the goal of getting the organization technologically caught up

November 19, 2015

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