Isabel is an experienced European sales and marketing leader with an insatiable curiosity about how businesses can improve their b-to-b demand creation efforts. With more than 25 years of experience at companies both large and small in roles ranging from marketing and sales to product leadership, Isabel brings a unique perspective to the need for marketing, sales and product strategic alignment as an essential catalyst for business growth.

Behind the Scenes of Hosting a Webinar
  • It can take field marketers 30-plus steps and 15-plus applications to fully execute a webinar program
  • When point solutions are not integrated, it’s marketers who act as the glue that holds the marketing tech stack together
  • When evaluating potential technology solutions, organizations should define a list of real-life use cases

December 15, 2016

A New Era for Marketing Automation in Europe
  • By 2017, 75 percent of European marketers will be leveraging marketing automation platforms (MAPs) – a 52 percent increase over 2013 European rates
  • Marketers are already testing the boundaries of what their MAPs can do and demanding more from vendors
  • Multi-channel lead nurture, predictive scoring and flexible preference centers are three future focus areas for MAPs

August 03, 2016

Summit 2016 Highlights: Three “Aha” Moments
  • Predictive analytics is a lot like mental time travel; it can help identify the best plan of attack before you set out
  • Personas aren’t just for messaging anymore; say hello to the persona waterfall!
  • Eighty percent of organizations use digital advertising, but without a way to guide tactic selection, marketers risk becoming lemmings

June 06, 2016

Managing EU Cookie Issue with Technology
  • EU cookie legislation has drastically changed the way companies operate web sites
  • Cookie consent vendors have different options on how to display these consent forms
  • These solutions are customizable and can help educate users about which cookies to accept

November 19, 2015