Gil has 15 years of experience defining and implementing marketing strategy for multinational companies across traditional and digital vehicles and channels. He has architected and managed global marketing teams and infrastructures, including online, marketing automation, globalization and marketing operations.

The 90s Are Back: Not Just the Music or Clothes
  • Middleware solved the problem of integrating multiple systems in the 90s
  • The proliferation of technologies and data can create a new integration challenge
  • Updated versions of middleware have returned as a key part of the technology stack

March 29, 2017

Do You Really Need ANOTHER Web Site?
  • Although companies should ideally have one Web site and domain name, in some situations, other options are needed
  • The location of content – added to a new Web site or included on the existing site – affects user engagement
  • A structured and consistent approach to Web site content decisions simplifies user experience and site management

December 13, 2016

Personalizing Your Personalization System
  • There are three different types of personalization that can be used in marketing
  • A company’s personalization needs will vary depending on their specific goals and circumstances
  • Matching company needs and personalization types is critical to successful and effective personalization implementation

October 10, 2016

Why Machine Translation Can Create More Human Work
  • Machine translation can be effective when used properly
  • Human oversight is required in order to make machine translation useful
  • A cost-effective and high-quality translation strategy uses both machine and human translation

June 07, 2016