Erin Bohlin is a research director for SiriusDecisions' Demand Creation Strategies advisory service. She is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in demand creation, marketing operations and automation, and strategic planning and execution for b-to-b technology companies. As an early adopter of marketing automation, she has extensive experience in defining campaign strategy, implementing systems, and architecting business processes for companies of all sizes.

Assessing Predictive for Your Company at TechX
  • Hundreds of b-to-b leaders will gather in Austin to learn about the technologies they should use in their evolving tech stacks
  • Attendees will learn how and why marketing, sales and product can use predictive applications as “mental modules” throughout the organization
  • Thursday’s analytics session highlights b-to-b organizations that have successfully adopted predictive applications and the impact they’re seeing

November 01, 2016

Predictions Really Do Come True
  • During Summit 2016, we spent time at the “reflection pool” of success and celebrated early predictions that have now become reality
  • Three of our Demand Creation Programs of the Year winners predicted they would find success via predictive applications
  • The winners who are effectively leveraging predictive include Spiceworks, Demandbase and New Relic

June 20, 2016

Has Your Hot Prospect Well Run Dry?
  • Marketers should consider several use cases when determining if predictive prospect sourcing makes sense for their organization
  • Predictive marketing applications solve three primary problems
  • There are shared capabilities that are required to be successful across all predictive applications

April 19, 2016