Dana is a sales operations leader who brings nearly 25 of sales, sales operations, service operations and finance experience to SiriusDecisions. He is forward-thinking leader with a record of driving results by increasing sales effectiveness and improving sales productivity while supporting global, multimillion-dollar sales growth with industry leaders. He is known for optimizing sales processes while reducing costs of sales through aggressive sales channel strategies.

The Real Reason Reps Don’t Update Opportunities
  • Sales reps will voluntarily update opportunities if there is something in it for them
  • Opportunity coaching uses algorithms to help sales reps improve win rates
  • Opportunity to close is to opportunity management what CPQ is to the configure, price and quote process

May 25, 2017

The Sales Ops CPQ Cheat Sheet
  • Modernizing configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools and processes is one of the most impactful ways sales operations can increase sales productivity and
  • CPQ vendor selection and implementation requires cross-functional participation between sales, marketing, product management and engineering
  • Consider the top reasons for seeking a CPQ solution, the top considerations for vendor selection and top implementation success factors

October 03, 2016

What Fitbit™ Can Teach Us About Sales Analytics
  • Well-executed sales measurement programs can instantly boost sales productivity
  • Gamification makes analytics much more interesting and impactful for users, and increases their engagement
  • Sales operations should stop presenting metrics and start presenting answers

March 07, 2016

Shadow Sales IT Infrastructure: What’s Fueling It?
  • Shadow IT has developed into an invisible form, fueled by the availability of "freemium" enterprise applications
  • The democratization of IT has caused applications users to evolve into applications participants
  • IT must be open-minded and recognize where there are unmet needs that are screaming to addressed

November 19, 2015

Predictive Analytics: Duuuude Have You Seen This??
  • Predictive analytics is grabbing headlines and mindshare for marketing and sales pros
  • As technology advances, applications of it are also changing
  • These advances are also testing the ethical boundaries of these approaches

November 19, 2015