Alan Gonsenhauser is Research Director, CMO and Marketing Leadership Services, at SiriusDecisions. He is passionate about accelerating growth, driving innovations and leading business transformations. At SiriusDecisions, he works closely with global chief marketing officers and sales and product leaders to drive positive organizational change and cross-functional alignment, benchmark against peers, and mobilize deployment of new marketing methods to accelerate innovation and growth.

Disruptive Tech: Presidential Lessons for Business
  • Disruptive technological innovations have historically powered presidential campaigns
  • Candidates having the foresight and resources to leverage new innovations effectively secured an unfair advantage
  • It’s critical to have the right strategy and perfect timing, and to surround new innovations with the right people and processes

April 03, 2017

Accelerate Business Growth With Predictive
  • Establish common language and metric sets with full transparency
  • Conduct aligned planning around business goals and prioritization schema
  • Support sales productivity efforts with tools to help optimize and align sales rep prospecting activities

August 08, 2016